Sheepshead - the classic card game, available on your mobile device!

‚ÄčThe first app to offer both 3 and 5 handed Sheepshead, with a multitude of game play settings, and achievements. The streamlined app makes it a breeze to pick up and play for a few minutes or for hours as you challenge the computer, and try to capture all of the achievements. 

here are some of the features Sheepshead Pro has to offer: 
* 3 Handed Game- a first on the App Store! 
* 5 Handed Game - choose your favorite mode to pick a partner. 
* Pick your partner with a Fail Suit or Jack of Diamonds - it's your choice. 
* Track your stats - including game, hand, and pick stats. 
* Achievements - keep entertained for hours with multiple achievements to shoot for.

* Leasters, doublers, re-deals, and ability to crack.
* A simple and intuitive user interface.